Mahajan Hospital

Awareness is the first step towards achieving good health. It is the philosophy of the Mahajan hospital that its responsibilities is not only treating and curing disease but also is creating awareness among people so that disease can be prevented and minimized.

The USP of this hospital is the specialized OPD services by many specialists in various fields aided by a team of highly qualified staff members, medical shop, ambulance service, wireless network 24 hrs.

It has full fledged well equipped units to care for all types of emergency and trauma with eminent and senior consultant surgeons.

The hospital has super specialist services for all types of general surgery, neuro surgery, urology, laparoscopy, orthopaedics, plastic and cosmetic surgery.

All investigations modalities like ultrasound, CT-SCAN, Pathology etc available under one roof.
Hospital has variety of accommodation facilities starting from highly advance critical care unit, intensive care unit, general wards, private wards designed to meet the requirements of all sections of society.

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